My name’s Dave. I help tech companies and their agencies stand out from the crowd and attract more customers with well-researched, actionable content and copy.

Your copy can’t be an afterthought

Your copy is the front-line soldier in the battle for reader attention and conversion. Whether we’re talking landing pages, email newsletters, or blog posts, great copy delivers great results. It drives traffic, boosts engagement, and converts readers into paying customers.

And mediocre copy—well, we don’t use those words around here.

I’ve been crafting high-converting copy for tech companies and agencies, large and small, for over 3 years. My clients range from small businesses and solopreneurs to snazzy marketing agencies with Fortune 500 clients.

We’ve done big things together:

  • Grabbed multiple #1 search rankings on Google, based on client-specified keywords
  • Worked with agencies to produce high-converting content for multiple Fortune 500 companies
  • Produced multiple blog posts that ranked among the client’s top 50 highest-traffic pages of 2017
  • Crafted a single blog post that generated over 120 high-authority backlinks
  • Created a single article that is responsible for over 10% of all traffic to client site

“…Dave delivers excellent content that is not only SEO friendly but user friendly as well. He has thoroughly exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend him to anyone seeking professional content.”

Vanessa Sigman • Content Coordinator, CableTV.com

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