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Dave has done a phenomenal job of delivering content that speaks for our brand

“As a content strategist, one of the toughest things about hiring freelancers is finding writers who care to understand and create content that is in-line with your site’s voice, brand, and values. Working with Dave has completely eased this concern for me.

Dave has done a phenomenal job of delivering content that speaks for our brand—and he does it in an efficient and timely manner. Even better, Dave’s content performs just as well as our in-house content. It’s clear that he’s taken the time to understand our site strategy, and he’s sought feedback to continue improving and growing with us. As a result, the value of Dave’s work is obvious in our bottom line.”

Doride Uvaldo-Nelson · Content Strategist, Reviews.org

Dave delivers excellent content that is not only SEO friendly but user friendly as well

“In addition to consistently delivering high-quality, high-performing content for our site and always meeting (or beating) deadlines, Dave does a fantastic job turning complicated subjects into helpful content that is easy to read and comprehend. His thorough research shines through his writing, but what I love most about his work is how deeply he thinks about the user and the answers they’re searching for.

All in all, Dave delivers excellent content that is not only SEO friendly but user friendly as well. He has thoroughly exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend him to anyone seeking professional content.”

Vanessa Sigman • Content Coordinator, CableTV.com

Delivers a quality product that ranks well and converts

“Dave breaks the stigmas commonly associated with freelance writers. He researches thoroughly, understands the site strategy (and SEO), seeks and incorporates feedback, and delivers a quality product that ranks well and converts—without any fluff.

Dave’s communication style and speedy results make him a great pinch hitter for our in-house writing team. If you need stellar content in a timely manner, don’t pass up the chance to work with Dave.”

Aaron Gunderson · Marketing Manager, Reviews.org

Highly recommended for any content needs

“Dave is a conscientious and professional writer, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He always submits his pieces on time—or early—and responds to editorial feedback quickly and efficiently. He researches his topics thoroughly and works hard to present unique viewpoints even when given less-than-exciting topics to work with.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the work he has done for us over the past year and would highly recommend him for any content needs!”

Kaitlyn Mahoney · Managing Editor, Clearlink

Accurate, well-researched, and well-written

“Dave is amazing. His is the total package. The work he provides is always accurate, well-researched, and well-written. He is reliable and always meets agreed deadlines. I have worked with a lot of writers over the years and it’s always a struggle to get good content on time. You won’t have either of those issues with Dave!”

Lyndon Reid · Owner, Bandery

Bent over backwards to deliver

“I’ve worked with Dave on a few separate projects and it has been awesome. I reached out to Dave in need of some content with a very tight deadline. Dave was very quick to get back to me and bent over backwards to deliver and meet the timeline. He researched the topic and exceeded my expectations with how well written and informative his work was. Everything flowed together beautifully and when I did give a small amount of feedback he made the adjustments perfectly.”

Johnny Anonymous · Business owner & personal trainer

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